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Sale Alert: Beautiful Clothing from Taqwa Iman

Although I’m a religious Jew, some of my favorite modest clothing comes from Muslim websites. I love the floor-length skirts, tailored tunics, and colorful fabrics I find on sites geared towards modest Muslimahs. I just came across the website of Taqwa Iman, and fell in love with some of the items. These are from their summer line but there’s no such thing as “seasonally inappropriate” when you wear layers most of the year ’round, so I’m posting them anyway. They’re out of some of the sizes but this will give you a good sense of what kind of gorgeous clothing to keep your eye out for when they post their new lines. It looks like their whole summer line is on sale at their site right now, and there are a lot of coupon codes available as well. Here are a few of my favorites:

Nautical Button Skirt
Sale Price: $45.00 – Sizes: M-XL – Color: Blue

For $10 OFF the Nautical Button Skirt, use the following coupon code: NAUTICAL&NICE

Chocolate Print Long Skirt
Sale Price: $45 – Sizes: XS, L – Color: Blue & Brown Pattern

Linen Maxi Dress
Sale Price: $49.50 – Sizes: S-XL – Color: Natural Linen

Navy Blue Linen Tunic
Sale Price: $39.99 – Size: S – Color: Navy Blue

They are currently offering the following coupon codes:

-$5.00 OFF Any Order / Product (Coupon Code ‘Take 5’)
-$10.00 OFF Any Order of $75 or more (Coupon Code ‘Take 10’)
-$15.00 OFF Any Order of $100 or more (Coupon Code ‘Take 15’)
-$25.00 OFF Any Order of $150 or more (Coupon Code ‘Take 25’)
-FREE U.S. SHIPPING OFF Any Order of $75 or more (Coupon Code ‘USFREESHIP’)


Modest Clothing & Accessories from mark. (Free Shipping!)

The cosmetics, skincare and fashion company mark. is known for their high-quality fragrance-free skincare line and for their makeup. However, they also sell clothing and accessories. I have friends who don’t even wear makeup but like to order their extremely inexpensive purses, for instance. Right now the mark. store has some items listed that are of interest to modest dressers.

Some items that jumped out at me:

“Put A Lid On It” Hat
Price: $16 – Colors: Brown & Turquoise Tweed or Black

Put A Lid On It

I really like this hat a lot, and intend to order it. It looks like it might even have enough room in it to put some of my hair up inside. But even if it doesn’t, it’s a great style for me. I like to wear women’s clothing that looks more like “menswear” and this fits with that look.

“Touch of Lace” Scarves – 2 Pack
Price: $16 for 2-Pack – Colors: Purple & Black

I’m posting these scarves here because from the moment I saw them I envisioned them jazzing up a tichel or hijab. Click here for a picture that can give you an idea of how to wear it with a hijab. Narrow scarves can be used to add pizazz to a tichel/headscarf and to help keep it from slipping! To give you a sense of how scarves like this can be used with tichels and other headwraps, here is a picture of a lacy narrow scarf used to accessorize and secure a Style Underground tichel. Of course, they can also just be worn as headbands or… wait for it… scarves!

“Seeing Double” Elbow-Length Tops – Set of 2
Price: $28 for Set of 2 – Colors: Black and Blue-and-White Stripes
mark. Seeing Double Elbow Length Tops

The neck on this shirt is a little too low for me, as I prefer to cover my collarbone. However, I love the elbow-length sleeves that are in style this year, and I think these shirts are so lovely I decided to post them for those of you who are okay with your collarbone showing. These shirts look like they cover all of one’s cleavage, but expose some of the upper chest. You’ll look like a ballerina!

Right now you can get FREE SHIPPING for a limited time if you place an order of $25 or more. Enter MARKFS25 at checkout.