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Welcome to Empowered Modesty.

Welcome to Empowered Modesty: Clothing That Leaves Something to the Imagination. This is a style blog dedicated to sharing style ideas and sources for affordable, real-life modest clothing for real-life women with real-life bodies! What does the “empowered” part of the blog title mean? It means that we focus on women making choices about covering our bodies based on our own power and agency to make choices as women, rather than just on “following the rules”. Even though we are mostly faithful, religious women whose modesty choices are informed by religious requirements, we can also view our modest fashion choices as a way of being empowered modern women who deserve to be seen as more than just our bodies.

This blog focuses on clothing that makes us feel empowered and attractive while “leaving something to the imagination” by not being revealing. We believe that clothing needn’t be high fashion or frumpy to be modest and stylish. This blog is for you, whether you adhere to Jewish tzniut guidelines, Islamic modesty laws, or other religious modesty requirements… or you dress modestly for personal, feminist, medical or political reasons. There are as many reasons to dress modestly as there are people. We will include everything from hijabs (Muslim headscarves) to long skirts to pants, so there’s something for everyone. Welcome! Don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you have ideas to share.